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could somebody please please PLEASE do this for me? *begging*

Alright, for my boyfriend's birthday, I want to get some custom guitar picks made that have his name on them. I'm no artist, but I really want to make these look good. So here's what I would love someone to do for me:

I need someone to take his name:

Dustin Yoder

and you'll have to do it in some sort of art program, because I would like it to be more original and freehand looking instead some sort of font... I would also like a little bit of color in the background around his name. If you go here:

you'll see a few guitar picks that will be on the same sort of material I'm having his picks made on. It's a white pearly celluloid. Now, as you see, there is small colored backgrounds that surround all the images on those picks. I want something like that surrounding his name. I really don't know what will look best, so if you could please just try a couple things to see what looks best... Same with the color (or colors) on his around with that doing different looks and color backgrounds and stuff...

After you're finished with your image, take this:

and open up the both the template (the thing that the link takes you to) and the image that you made, take the image and shrink it down on your screen to the size of a guitar pick (about 1"). If lines are disappearing and words are hard to read, then the image will have to be reworked. It's got to look good when it's 1" big.

Then take the template and select all of the black area around the pick image with your program's "magic wand", and choose "copy". Then click on the image you made and select "paste" from your menu panel.

Now the shape of the pick is overlapping should be overlapping the image, and you can resize and position the image to the template.

Once you have the image positioned into the template, save the template as a .gif or a .jpeg. The image has to have my last name so the company doing this can identify it once I e-mail it to them. So, please name your file: "Watkins.jpeg" or "Watkins.gif".

After doing all that (God, that seems like a ton! so I'll be ECSTATIC if anyone actually does this for me!), please email all of that to me at:

Just make sure that it's in a .jpeg or a .gif file, because otherwise they won't accept it.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU if anyone does this for me!!!!! It really will mean the world to me, because I know my boyfriend will love it and be so happy.
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