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help me please?

i have a new friend on lj fancypineapple and she has no icon. this is a pic of her (i cut it bcuz it is very large)

the black on the side she wants it to say Sarah in cursive pink shimmery letters. and maybe if possible have the same kind of border around the picture itself. check out her lj backround if you think another color would do better to match it.
thank you thank you thank you. if you do this she AND i will link back to you.

Pee Ess: whenever i try to save icons by clicking on it and "save picture as" it never saves the actual movement, just the first freeze, can IM it to me on aim-bondchc2002...
much love.

**EDIT** i dont think the picture is working very well. please IM me if its the dreaded red x.
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