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mc_icons's Journal

MC Icons Requests
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MC Icons is a co-owned community, which has been setup for the helping of others. Myself budlik and tidfu are the sole icon creators of this community, and will take the time to fill your requests.

We will do our best to get all of the requests complete, however we are both faced with lives which can be time consuming and suck us away from our computers.

As this is a community there must be soem rules to keep order -
-When posting bases for your requests, if there is more than three please use the lj-cut option. This is for everyones benefit, aswell as ours
-Only request a maximum of 5 icons per week
-Do not use icons, which you havent requested. This is just a form of thievery
-You may not post plugs for your communities in here, unless you have been placed as a creator/mod

If you wish, too see other icons, created by tidfu please visit her icon Journal tifanimus_icons, or to visit my graphics journal greyscale_art

If you wish to be placed as a fellow creator please email me with your details and reasoning. However, you may not be selected, unless this place gets extremely busy.